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The token and pay of TURNPLE are written in ‘TRP’ and TRP which means
‘transform the routine of people’.

TRP is aiming at the blockchain cryptocurrency which is accepted in the global market, starting from Europe, USA, Japan, China and Korea.

The TRP will be used in real life as a hybrid TRP optimized for online payment and off-line payment by combining a fixed value blockchain pay and a blockchain with variable value.

In the case of coins that introduced the concept of platform for the first time, due to the variability of mileage value and TRP value, uncertain transactions between consumers and merchants were made due to the change of coin price at the moment of purchase. For this reason, it's hinders the development of the platform and destroys the growth structure of the platform.
By complementing these disadvantages, we have created a TRP that will be used throughout the financial market. If the TRP which was not suitable for payment due to the variability is exchanged with the TRP PAY, it can be used as a product purchase or service payment method with a fixed value.

The TRP global platform will provide services around the world through our network of sports, real estate, entertainment, home shopping, medical services, leisure industry, luxury shop, culture service etc.
The TRP is not an existing mileage or point concept, but an anonymity, security, and cost savings through the combination of blocked pay and blocked coins and it will become a financial coin when used as a payment method. Because there is no fee, on/offline merchants and consumers can save on commission costs.

TRP will lead to more various forms of affiliate partnership services in on/off line bank payment, QR code, bar code, PG service and card service.


Comparison of International currency and TRP

'Human beings can use cryptocurrency well enough.'
However, if the problem of value variability,
which is the biggest problem of cryptocurrency, can not be solved,
it is difficult to be used in practical dissemination and real life.
TURNPLE's project began to solve this problem of value variability.
International currency TRP Characteristic
Type Dollar($)
Won(₩) etc.
Dollar Pay
Pound Pay
Yen Pay
Yuan Pay
Won Pay etc.
As there is a currency in each country,
it is circulated in proportion to the exchange
rate by issuing a TRP PAY for each country
Value fixed by exchange unlisted
Expected development of key currency
Bill US currency par value
1 Dollar
5 Dollars
10 Dollars
100 Dollars etc.
RED etc.
As each country has a par value in currency,
a TRP is issued with a level-up TRP depending
on the issue volume. make a profit by
listing on the exchange
exchange rate
TRP-Variability value
PAY-Fixed value
The TRP can make a profit by coin trading due to variability Protect assets safely with fixed value when exchanging with TRP PAY
Exchange International
exchange rate
- Interchangeable by TRP type
- TRP can be exchanged for TRP PAY
- Mutual exchange of TRP PAY by country
- Coin and Pay supply and demand control
through exchange lock-up
Remittance International remittance
Internet network TRP and PAY are able to make international
remittances quickly and easily at anytime,
anywhere and with a low fee using the
Credit card use
Easy for anyone to pay
overseas with a TRP PAY
service by country
Interchange of TRP PAY by country
Everyone is able to exchange
and use their PAY for each country
Payment and withdrawal
after calculating the
transaction price of Altcoin
by the amount requested
for withdrawal
With a fixed value TRP PAY Payment and withdrawal All affiliated PG companies or ATM can be
withdrawn without the hassle of coin
pricing at withdrawal