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  • 2019-06-12
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13/JUN/2019 (THU), 12:00 PM (KST) - 18/JUN/2019 (TUE), 11:59 AM (KST)



$0.02 / TRPEB



  • 30% bonus for purchases with PROB

If you purchase TURNPLE BLUE(TRPEB) with PROB, you will receive a 30% TRPEB bunus for the quantity purchased. If you hold PROB on PROBIT exchange, you will receive coin airdrops and other benefits in PROBIT.

  • 20% bonus for purchases with USDT, BTC, ETH and XRP

If you purchase TURNPLE BLUE(TRPEB) with USDT, BTC, ETH and XRP, you will receive a 20% TRPEB bonus for the quantity purchased.


⯈ KYC certification

All TURNPLE BLUE(TRPEB) token sales(IEO) participants must complete KYC certification. Domestic users can easily complete KYC at the PROBIT KOREA( certification center. Global users can easily complete KYC at the PROBIT GLOBAL( certification center.


Introduction of TURNPLE (

TRP will be used in real life as a hybrid blockchain optimized for on/offline payments by combining a fixed value blockchain pay with a fluid value blockchain TRP. In the case of coins that introduced the concept of platform for the first time, due to the variability of mileage value and coin value, uncertain transactions between consumers and merchants were mede due to the change of coin price at the moment of product purchase. For this reason, it's hinders the development of the platform and destroys the growth structure of the platform coin. If the TRP, which was not suitable for payment due to variability, is exchanged for the TRP pay, the TRP was created for the entire financial market because it is used as a purchase or service payment method with a fixed value. TRP global platform will provide sprots, real estate, entertainment, home shopping, medical services, leisure industry, luxury shop, theme parks and cultural services from around the world through network. TRP is not an existing mileage or point concept, but a combination of blocked pay and TRP will enable anonymity, security and cost savings, making it a financial coin to use as payment method. Because banks do not need a mediating role, on/offline merchants and consumers can save money on commission. TRP will lead to more diverse forms of partnering services on/offline including bank payment, QR code, barcode, PG service and card service.


Introduction of PROBIT

PROBIT( is a global coin-to-coin cryptocurrency exchange. PROBIT selects and lists highly potential and promising cryptocurrency projects. PROBIT exchange is a world class exchange that offers a customizable user interface, a fast and stable trading engine that can match more than 1,500,000 orders per second, and excellent security with hardware keys. PROBIT recently opened PROBIT KOREA(, an exchange that supports KRW transactions, so that members can easily use PROBIT and PROBIT KOREA in accordance with their convenience.


⯈IEO progress on PROBIT

PROBIT exchange supports more than five payment coins, a various bonus rates, lock-up structures and multiple round token sales. In addition, PROBIT keeps funds raised through token sales under a high level of security that applies to the exchange deposits. Projects with IEO on PROBIT have the benefit of being listed on PROBIT first.

Please contact for more information on the PROBIT exchange's IEO process.

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