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Market Pay→Token exchange

Request to exchange market pay for market tokens

Notes on Exchange of Market Token and Market Pay

  1. 1.Market Token and Market Pay exchange application is only possible on this page. (Mutual exchange fee: 0.15%)
  2. 2.When joining the exchange ① Quantity of market tokens or market pay for exchange ② Address of own market token wallet ③Name ④Mobile phone number ⑤Email ⑥Market mall shopping mall ID Market tokens and market pays must be matched to each other (processed within 24 hours).
  3. 3.The exchange rate is exchanged with the average monthly price of the market token president exchanges.
  4. 4.To stabilize the price of the market token, it can be exchanged for market pay. Market tokens are limited to 200 or more and 2,000 or less once a month (to be changed later).
  5. 5.Exchanged market pay can be used at the market mall, and upon completion of product purchase 3% of market pay is added.
  6. 6.If the above rules are violated, the exchange will not be completed and will be returned.
Quantity of market pay to be exchanged for market tokens
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Mobile phone number
Market Mall Shopping Mall ID