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TRPBANK Exchange Opening Event

  • 2019-10-09
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◆ TRPBANK Exchange Opening Event ◆ 
Scheduled to open: mid-October 
1.New Pre-registration Event Pre-registration Site Exchange token TRPBANK TOKEN 200 paid.

2.TRPBANK TOKEN Pre-buyer 10% additional payment 

★ Global Integrated Exchange 
★ When listing new tokens, simultaneous listing on the Yonsei Exchange is possible. 

◉ TRP-BANK TOKEN Benefits The biggest feature of TRP-BANK is the reinvestment of exchange profits. 
It is coexisting with exchange token holders. 
Reinvestment-Startup, Real Estate, Franchise, hotel etc.

1. Revenue from reinvestment. 
2. Right to use and discount VIP by reinvestment. 
3. Right to participate in the event of listing new tokens by reinvestment. 
4. New Token IEO Purchase Option by Reinvestment. 
5. Voting Rights for New Tokens. 
6. Exchange fee  New issued token reward when investing after accumulation. 
7. Exchange with TRP PAY-Use like cash at affiliated merchants worldwide.

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