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Power of the TRP

  • 2019-02-15
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The first technology of TRP

The strong power of the TRP is in the combination of blockchain pay and blockchain coin.

Most of the Altcoins were inconvenient to use at the merchants because of the disadvantages that the payment amount was changed according to the price fluctuation in connection with the exchange price at the time of on/offline payment.

If you exchange a TRP with a PAY when the needs, you can use it as a stable payment method because the unchanged value is formed.

This technical logic can be used in a variety of fields because it can be used as various payment method such as linkage with PG company and credit card.

The second technology of TRP

The TRP is a new-concept level up that is issued and distributed in various types.

As with existing legal currency has a par value, various types of level up are issued and distributed, and various levels of benefits and events apply.

In addition, the TRP applies the higher denomination to the coin, so the higher the TRP,
the lower the circulation, so the higher the market value, the higher the holding value.

The third technology of TRP

TRP is possible with TRP exchange.

Since the TRP is interchangeable, it can be exchanged with the TRP, which has a high market value. As a result, it is possible to minimize the loss due to the drop in value and to maximize the profit due to the exchange TRP.

TRP Data transmission / reception process

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